Expatriate Tax Return for Americans

Distinctive Aspects of U.S. Tax Filing & Regardless of Where You Live:

All U.S citizens & Green Card holders are required to report all worldwide income. International Assignees and US expatriates can leverage unique tax advantages, including but not limited to:


Dual FBAR and IRS Form 8938 Requirements:

U.S. nationals, Green Card holders, and International Assignees (H, L, O visa holders) must adhere to federal tax regulations requiring the reporting of foreign financial account. 

This encompasses a broad spectrum of assets, such as:


A stiff penalty could be imposed for noncompliance.  Further federal regulations mandate its dual declaration requirement: On IRS Form 8938 and separately a direct report at the Treasury Department's website.   


To facilitate the tax filing process, a questionnaire is available upon request or for download belowMost services for expats can be conducted remotely, ensuring the confidentiality of your information. 


You always have a second chance. In the event of prior non-reporting of offshore accounts, the IRS provides an ongoing forgiveness program (OVDP), offering a second chance for compliance. Explore the OVDP Streamline Express, and let us assist you on your path to tax compliance.